Dr Stephen Buss is a consultant hydrogeologist with over twenty years’ of professional experience, offering environmental advice to regulators, large and small commercial organisations, and property developers. He provides hydrogeology services for:

  • Risk assessments for treated sewage soakaways and contaminated land.
  • Modelling sub-surface contaminant transport and source protection zones.
  • Assessments of likely yield, quality and sustainability of water supplies.
  • Modelling of water resource availability.
  • Site-specific estimates of groundwater flooding risk for properties or communities.
  • Basement impact assessments for London developments.

Dr Buss has nationally-recognised experience in:

  • Groundwater resource assessment and modelling;
  • Hydrogeology of the major aquifers and urban areas of England;
  • Groundwater flood risk assessment, forecasting and mapping;
  • Natural groundwater quality assessment and modelling;
  • Risk assessment and modelling for contaminated land;

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